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Originally Posted by aptmunich View Post
Where can I see how much freight I can haul?

It currently defaults to 40.000lbs. Do I just leave it at that?
Yes, unless you're willing to risk a ticket. Up to you!

Originally Posted by LowTechGrrl View Post
I've been taking runs, but I can't seem to make much cash. Is it because I'm such a new driver? Or, do need to figure this game out more?

Any advice?

Thanks in advance!
Took a look at your route history, here's my advice:
1. Don't haul general merchandise - it pays the lowest. Always select a cargo type.
2. When selecting a route, first go to "game statistics" in the driver menu sidebar, then "city statistics" - pay attention to what cargo the city you are in supplies, and match it up with a city that demands it. If you have a few choices, choose each city and hit "calculate" - take note of the total amount you'll get paid and the $/mile. Don't forget to change the cargo type before calculating...
3. The routes you're selecting right now are just too short. Pick something mid-range. Don't go cross country until you get a good feel of things and/or a better truck, but the short ones aren't worth it unless you're playing enough to get 2-3 done in a day.

If you want some more guidance on choosing routes, go to the company page and select a few of the top users - check out the "view routes" tab to see how they're doing it.
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