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Well, for the most part (not this week, but most) the best routes come out better for the drivers, and the only advantage of getting the contracts is that the company would get about 5 grand if the contract was completed sucessfully, but the downside being that if the contracts isn't done sucessfully, the company pays a big ($10,000) penalty, and I'm not sure how many people would actually take part in the attempt for the contract, but I'm really going to push for the contracts tonight because the best routes are so shitty, and both the contracts are taking things to NYC, which is our head base, so we get a 10% (I think it's 10, might be 25%) bonus for taking things there, so everyone head to a place that has Appliances (Halifax, Salt Lake City, and Yellow Knife) and I'll try to get the contract. We have a week to complete it so, if we do win it, after you get to NYC for the first time go to Halifax, because it is the closest supply of appliances to NYC, and repeat.

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