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Originally Posted by themire View Post
Most Non-Linear editors will have some sort of "de-interlace" option in their export settings. It's really not a terribly difficult concept.

Basically, your computer monitor shows an entire frame of video at once. So 30 full frames are shown every second. Pretty simple, right?

TV displays a bit differently. Each frame is broken into two subframes, or fields, that are 1/2 the resolution of a frame. A TV screen first draws the even field (all the even scanlines on the TV) and then the odd field. So it shows video at 30 frames per second = 60 fields per second.

If an object is moving rapidly across the screen, it won't be at the same position in an even field than it was in the odd field. This creates problems when you try to watch video originally for television on a computer. The computer tries to show both fields at once, which looks really fucked up because you're looking at an object that's in two places at one time.

Two REALLY good explanations of this can be found below: (and more specifically, ).

I'm sure that Matt of NYU fame knows more than me, but that's a good place to start!

(Although he may scorn video for the beauty of film.....)
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