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Originally Posted by themire View Post
And by the way: Technology is NOT hard to learn. Don't listen to the fucking nerds when they tell you it is. IT ISN'T! Just go REALLY SLOWLY through the explanations, and you'll understand the stuff very clearly!
I think I'm doing okay, but I'm starting to understand why old people just say "fuck this" and give up. It's taken me a better part of a month to figure out how to encode mp4s that will play on people's iPods, and I'm still not 100% sure the latest method will work.

On that note, the iPod compatability setting I'm now using is an automated process built into Quicktime Pro, and doing some research I believe it de-interlaces as part of the process. But if it doesn't, I don't wanna fuck with it right away. Any little tiny thing I've changed fucks things up for one kind of iPod or another, so I'll go for stability over lack of scanlines any day.

It's kinda strange that all video encoding doesn't de-interlace as a matter of course, since it sounds like it's only applicable when you put a vid on DVD. Which again, and for a million other little reasons, leads me to think that technology is a bit more complicated than it has to be.
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