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The chairs looked amazingly confortable.

To answer some questions that were brought up during the episode, you can brush your teeths 20 times a day and drop mouth moush inside every glass you drink and it won't change much. It'll hide it for 2 to 5 minutes but thats it. Even dentist don't have much to say on that part (they tell you to brush your teeth even if you make it clear that you do.

The good thing is they made a new product that kills the germs permanently from the mouth and for 24 hours a day. You rinse your mouth with the product in the morning and before going to bed and BAMMM nothing, nothing nothing. At 5 in the morning you mouth will be fresh as a good summer breeze. I'm sure some people do have it and for those looking for a solution, well I found it and believe me, I know how hard it is to do everything in your power but still not having results.

So for those of you, google the name profresh and read a bit on it before buying. It's the only mouth cleaner that has been patented (although i have no clue what it means, I liked the fact that it seemed important).

And for those who will bash me because I used to have bad breath...kill yourself
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