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Originally Posted by jorjo View Post
Alright, this is it then. I just have my MacBook to pack and then I'll be about ready to head to the airport.

I'll be frightfully early of course, but I'd much rather hang out at the airport with my boarding pass in my hand than miss the check-in by 2 minutes.

I won't be seeing Bebe and Meagle at the airport in Rome until around 9:30pm (Italian time ) and we don't have wifi at our hotel (OMG no wifi!!! I think I just died a little ... oh but wait ... we'll be in ROME!!, or should I say - saremo a ROMA!! ). You know, of course, that we will be here as much as possible so keep checking in ...

And, just to keep the pics coming - here is one showing a storm I was caught in the last time I was in Rome. It doesn't look like much in the pic, but there was thunder and lightening, rain and hail and it got really dark and I got very wet ....
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