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Originally Posted by Bebe View Post
Today was all about Florence, and Florence was AWESOME!

Morning coffee at the local bar. Best coffee ever. Seriously.
Looked like you had an awesome day. Yeah Florence i! It's so fucking much stairs!!!!!! At a certain time you really do get the feeling your in some weird matrix loop, there just is no end to those stairs. But when you finally get to the top it sure is beautiful.

And also gives you some really nice material for 'miniature' photo's.
Check out my photo's of Italy and especially florence; (don't pay attention to all those crazy kids).
You'll probably recognize a lot of places ^^ So run into those crazy asians who want to write your name in calligraphy? Or maybe all those ni... uhmm.. africans who sell all those fake gucci bags and what not?

It was so fucking funny. A friend of mine wanted to buy some faggy gucci manbag. He wanted it for 10 but the african sir only wanted to sell it for 20. But then the police came, and while the african picked up his cloth with all his bags he offered the manbag for 10, and just before he ran away he threw the bag to my friend. So funny!!! We also saw a whole group of africans ran away. Such a funny sight.

Ahw.. Florence, the town of tall towers, good coffee and running niggers x'D

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