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Studies show that 3 out of 3 NZ women agree that today was a good day

Decisions were made: - one week in and our team positions have been finalised:

Bebe - in charge of the map and all navigation everywhere, making sure we get where we are going and back again
jorjo - in charge of day planning and ensuring the day is therefore not spent sleeping or :horrorface: on the interwebz
Meagle - in charge of being pretty and attracting all the "looking up and down", along with the "nice ass" and "molto bene" comments

To date, apart from moving from city to city we haven't used any public transport - we are "walkers", including a walk up 463 steps to the top of the Duomo in Florence - well worth the view. As a side note, we thought the queue we were in was to get inside the Duomo, and it was only after paying that we realised the only way to go was UP!! LoL

And so to the pics ...

We saw some awesome statues - this one is Rape of the Sabine Women, by Giovanni Bologna - completed in 1583

And paul_r - we went here too ...

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