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okies, we're back from dinner. I don't think any 3 other people could have as many lolz as we did while as sober as we were.

To start with, here is our dinner ...

I had the pizza with Italian spicy sausage, eggplant and olives

Bebe had the spicy tomato penne pasta

Meagle had chicken and chips

On the way home we came across a giant door. My apologies for the poor quality pic but my camera battery was so low it wouldn't even show the image I was taking a photo of. A little story is required here - the idea was to take a pic of Meagle hanging from the door handle, but she had a bit of trouble with getting up there - leg boosts weren't working so we resorted to having her stand on Bebe's back. Many, many lolz as we tried to avoid the notice of pedestrians and car occupants. . Eventually Meagle did manage to grab hold of the handle but dropped before the pic was taken, so this image is of Meagle landing back on the ground and Bebe getting up off her hands and knees (yah, I know, we should have left that in the shot ) and trying to get out of camera range ...

And this is a pair of much lower, and therefore more manageable door handles ...
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