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Originally Posted by AlanRay View Post
We got closer than platonic friends do, nothing sexual happened.
This sentence makes no sense to me whatsoever. To me, that's the difference between platonic and love/the next level/whatever you want to call it.

I only have one friend who's a female and I'm close as hell with all of my platonic friends. You can't get too close to your friends? I thought that's what the point of friends are? I look at my friends as my brothers, you can't get closer than that (without it being sexual)
Im not trying to be a dick, I just don't understand what you mean.

Originally Posted by Grapist View Post
Stop being a fucking pussy and start being a man, it is not endeering to women to be so fucking "womanlike" Women DO NOT LIKE THAT!!!
This is true. Almost every woman want a guy who can be sensitive sometimes and not a crushing-beer-cans-on-your-forehead-jock all of the time but this is the whole other end of the spectrum. If I wanted to date a girl, I'd date a girl.
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