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Originally Posted by Uncast View Post
OK so we're all agreed. fuck Mikey and his plans. Now on to finding a place to meet.
  • Should be large enough to accomodate 10-12 people (I'm guessing here)
  • Should be fairly quiet enough to hold a conversation together but casual enough to handle us all talking at once without pissing off all the other customers
  • Should be all ages so Meagle can join us
  • Alcohol should still be available so those of us adults can partake if we wish
  • Should be in the areas surrounding LAX like Santa Monica, Culver City and Torrance

Most of us liked the Happy Ending but some didn't. I'm just guessing but I'd tend to believe anywhere we go will have a fee for parking so that's going to be pretty much unavoidable. That's just been my experience in L.A. If you can't park on the street, you're going to pay. Even then you might pay. $4.50 was MORE than reasonable for that area too. I'm used to paying as much as $30 to park in that area of L.A.

There are a ton of restaurants in the area. I'm sure there are other places will work. I was thinking about Roscoe's but I'm not sure if there is one near the LAX and I worry about them being able to handle a crowd that size.

How about we look into the Backstage Bar & Grill in Culver City?
It's listed as the best sports bar, best group dining and 3rd best late night dining. Just an idea.

Also, we should come up with a place by the end of the week so we can make reservations for the 19th. It would suck to just show up with 10 people and expect them to cater to us.

ALSO if we do go somewhere, arranging the table so all 10-12 of us are facing each other might be good, no? This way we can all be involved in the conversation instead of ...
parking is only a problem in the city proper and in the high traffic tourist areas like sunset blvd. Culver city and the south bay area are good for parking in my experience
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