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Originally Posted by DaHonay View Post
FTR - we've been together over 16 years and will be married for 14 years in May. Oh, and Brolo remarried us in Vegas on New Years so we're also NEWLY WEDS!

Mr. DaH is right... My parent story is fucked up.

My mom was married to my biological father for like 3 years I think. They too were on the verge of divorce when she got pregnant with me. She divorced his ass when I was 6 months old.

I didn't even meet my real father until I was 18. He's a complete loaner... old crotchety self centered man. I've seen him in person 4 times. He's never met his grandson.

Rumor has it my mom was married to some guy before him... but she denies it.

She married my step father when I was 2. They were married for 16 year... the most rotten miserable years. He was an emotionally abusive alcoholic who made a lot of scary threats. He never hurt anyone that I can remember... not physically anyway. I don't ever remember them being happy. After they got divorced, he stalked her for almost 3 years before finally getting the hint and left the state. He died 5 years ago.

She's remarried (of couse)... been with supposed guy #4 since 1995. She was happy in the beginning, but eh... what are you gonna do?

I am SO lucky to have found Mr. DaH... I can't imagine what my life would have been like without him. So for all you cynics out there that think marriage stinks because of what you saw growing up... it is what you make of it. If I had had that kind of an attitude, I may never have given Mr. DaH a chance... he was a little - shall we say - assholeish when we first met!
I'm sorry DaHonay.

This is why I am afraid of the whole falling in love thing. What if my choice is wrong? What if he doesn't love me back? That's why, in a relationship, I know better then to say "I love you" first. A lot of you will probably think that is stupid but its just a huge fear of mine.
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