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Originally Posted by OCD Dude View Post
Hey Amsterdam mini-meet people, thanks a lot for a wonderful time! I had a blast. Bebe and Meagle are nuts! Jorjo is hilarious, Lanfear is German :P but we enjoyed her company immensely nonetheless, last but not least, Bryan is a legend!

I didn't take any pictures, so can't help you there.

Bebe, I'll have to teach you hooooooeer pole dance moves some other time!
Meagle and Jorjo, did you finish the other spliff?
Lanfear, how did you spend sunday, did you spend some time in A'dam?
Bryan, did you get home ok?
Yes I did get home ok, my parents were there 5 mins after you left. And I'm definitely putting that first statement in my signature!

Originally Posted by Meagle View Post
Look Bryan! Your favourite flavor!!
WTF?! What sick sick sick sick sick sick SICK mind would make up such a thing. The Marmite... it's closing in on me
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