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Originally Posted by fuzbubbles View Post
I've never gone overweight, for fear of a ticket, but now the drop down menu for weight is gone, and it says my maximum hauling weight is 51,044lbs. (driver is "dna driver", my second one). does this mean i can safely haul 51000 lbs, or will that be considered 'overweight'???
I'm a little confused myself, but this is from the game update log:
- Truck load limits have been added to the game and the route selection screen has been updated to allow players to key in the weight that they want to haul rather than selecting the number from a drop down box. All grandfathered trucks in the game have been given a high load limit. All new truck purchases moving forward will use the indicated load limit for trucks as detailed on the truck purchase screen. Keep in mind that a trucks load limit and your drivers legal load limit are two seperate things.
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