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If she's the primary lease holder, you should move out. It's not fair for you but at this point your sanity is probably more important than what's fair and what isn't. If you're also on the lease and will take a hit to your credit if you don't pay the fee for breaking contract, tell the landloard or apt manager about her drug use, ask their advice (not for their help, that will probably turn them off, people probably ask for help every day). I actually did this with my mom but it was a little different, i couldn't afford the rent without her so we both had to move out into shitier places. And it's always better to be sane in a shit hole than crazy in a regular apt. Dr boyfriend and I also had to kick a guy out of our apartment who wasn't an addict, but who was really irresponsible and kept telling us that he need to stay for a few more days and a few more days, which stretched on for months. I finally told him that he had exactly two weeks, circled it on the calendar and when the day came he went to someone else's house. I think the fact that i was not the lease holder made getting out easier with my mom, and the fact that i never got she guy a key made it easier with him.
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