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Originally Posted by DWarrior View Post
But don't you think half-assing it is the worst option? I imagine it's like fighting, you either want to completely avoid it or be the first to punch and go for the knock-out. If she confronts her about drugs, tells the landlord who won't care, then she'll just be a sitting duck for the druggie's retaliation.

If you go all-out, first talk to cops and ask what you can do, then if you can get her locked up in drug rehab or something in one swoop, then while she's out of the house get her stricken from the lease and ruin her life so she can't get you back (maybe plant a little drugs to get her locked up), that's probably the best option. By the time she's out of prison, you'll have moved out, presumably she doesn't have too much info on you to track you down.
sounds a little extreme. At this point i have no proof that she is using needles for drugs or for her claimed diabetes - which must have suddenly come forth cuz i never heard of it.

and the whole point of getting her out is so I don't have to move.
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