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Originally Posted by rev_rend View Post
Sounds fishy to me. I know a few insulin-dependent diabetics, and if they're seriously taking care of themselves to the point that they're bothering to take their injections, they're storing their insulin in a refrigerator.

Most leases explicitly mention that performing illegal acts -- which most certainly includes illegal drug possession and/or use -- to be sufficient grounds for voiding a lease contract. I would tell the landlord that the situation with her is beyond salvage, and that you have little choice but to have her removed or to move on yourself. Many landlords say they'll force you to pay some penalty if you leave early, but feel out whether or not that's actually the case here. You could do what some bitch roommate I had did when she decided she wanted to stick me with the remaining obligation on a lease* -- write a letter to the landlord and the roommate telling them you are moving out and leaving the lease with the primary leaseholder. For full effect, give it to her as you're moving your stuff out and give them some relative's address as a forwarding address.

* All I was guilty of was telling her that her illegal immigrant boyfriend needed to leave.
::agrees with the above::

I lived in a townhouse in Shelby Twp. with a girl who was being impossible. She said I couldn't move out when I threatened because the office would make me pay. She was the main leaseholder and I wasn't even listed on the lease. I told the folks in the office what the deal was and they said I was not responsible for any payment. My folks and her ex had me out of there in an hour while she was at work. The sucky thing was we worked for the same company.

Wish I could have been a fly on the wall when she came home that day and my stuff was gone.

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