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Originally Posted by DWarrior View Post
I think this might be kinda cool, you can do all these science experiments on her, then if she accidentally dies, it's not your fault. Here is a list I brainstormed, in no particular order:

Dilute your booze with toilet water
Dip her syringes in windex
Put a baggie of Ajax among your stuff
Soak her socks in acid and see if the skin absorption rumors are really true
Firecrackers in her cigarettes (if she smokes)
Mix rat poison into her food
Fuck up the stitching on her clothes
Dangers of mercury poisoning
Mix nail polish into her body wash/shampoo
Mix a drop of windex into her contact lens solution
Replace her eyedrops with crazy glue shortly before she uses it
Wait until batteries leak, then smudge some residue on the earpiece of her cellphone
Mix glass shards into her food
If you have a coffee grinder, grind some glass into find specs and blow it on her bed and/or clothes (undies drawer for awesomeness), make sure it's super fine though so she can't easily notice it and there aren't any slivers.
hmm... i think if i were to do so, i'd liable somehow for a couple of these..

nice suggestions though

edit: i have wanted to piss in beer bottles and re-cap them, but she's sneaky to the point where she wouldn't take the last of something, so i don't know how to get her to steal the piss-bottle....

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