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Originally Posted by jesikat View Post
hmm... i think if i were to do so, i'd liable somehow for a couple of these..

nice suggestions though

edit: i have wanted to piss in beer bottles and re-cap them, but she's sneaky to the point where she wouldn't take the last of something, so i don't know how to get her to steal the piss-bottle....
You can put two beer bottles horizontally on one of the fridge shelves. Put the normal one against the back wall, then put the piss one in front of it. That way there's no reason for her to grab the back one.

If you do something like a 6-pack carton with one bottle in front row and one bottle in back row, then it depends on how clever she is. She might just go for the front beer, or she might go for the back beer to make it look less like she took one.

Don't forget to make a tiny mark somewhere (a tiny sharpie dot on the surgeon warning should do the trick), so you don't end up with the piss one.

PS, when I said rat poison and glass shards, I didn't mean large doses, just enough to produce some effects. Whatever the rat dosage, just put 1/3 of that or something, and for glass shards, just put a few to maybe get an ulcer or two going.

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