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why were you going through her room again?

you have proof of the allegations of theft?

youre trying to get her kicked out of her own apartment so you and your BF can have it to yourself?

you didnt tell the landlord or cops any nonsense you cant prove yet, but it sounds like you are thinking about it...

and shes always paid the rent?

sounds like she has a case, id be careful, jesi

Originally Posted by DWarrior View Post
Isn't it fairly simple to get diabetics to die?

I think you can just keep loading her food with sugar (research this), then if she ends up dead/in the hospital, she was telling the truth, but oh wells. If she doesn't, she's a lying cunt.
if you were my roomie, they wouldnt find your body. and do some research, theres lots of diabetes, and most people dont just fall into a coma and die, they might just fuck up circulation in an appendage and have to get it cut off. i could kill someone while missing a finger, easily.
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To be fair, to really follow Spooky's diet, you can't just eat chicken. You have to spend your days cleaning up after a slob roommate and night shivering like a rain soaked rage filled chihuahua about having to clean up after said roommate until you finally snap and yell at him. It should be called the Mexican maid diet.

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