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Originally Posted by Uncast View Post
I had a sister die of diabetes. Now to be fair, that picture MIGHT have been culled from the 'net. I'm going to assume for the moment that it wasn't and that Jesi took that picture from her roommate's bedroom.

First, the needle in the pic is far too big for insulin. I also might be wrong since Stephanie passed away 2 years ago but I don't think insulin comes in a powder form that you have to burn in foil so the foil with the black seared smudge spot doesn't make since for diabetes use. ALSO, as far as I remember insulin needs to be kept cold so if there's no insulin bottles in the fridge, I'm curious as to where she's keeping them.

I get what Spooky is doing. This other girl's side of the story isn't being told. Since no side of any story is unbiased, it might help to get the other side before we advocate turning this girl's life upside down.

I don't believe Jesi is lying or exaggerating but it IS good to get all sides of a story (and maybe growing up) before advocating property destruction, attempted murder or ruining her life.

Based on what I've heard thus far, I have to say that as much as jesi wants HER to go and Jesi wants to stay, I think being the one to move out is the best route. This way the junkie roommate doesn't know where to find you. Let the landlord in on what you can prove and let him know that you will no longer be living there. Pay whatever penalty or fee there is for breaking the lease early and be on your merry. Leave her to her junkie life and if it's going to be ruined, let her do it to herself.

I'd be interested in hearing Keith or Chemda chime in. I know they've got experience living with junkies in the past and I wonder what their advice would be about the situation.

speakin as someone who has met this girl her story is irrelevant shes umm extremely umm special? Also that is an insilin needle.It is what is used for mainlining. 1cc 27-9g needles. unless your doin IM injections.
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