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Originally Posted by spooky View Post
youre trying to get her kicked out of her own apartment so you and your BF can have it to yourself?
I was going through her room to find things of mine that she stole. I think that's fair. If not, oh well.

All three of us are on the lease. I called the landlord and having her listed first means nothing. So the "primary lease holder" thing I mentioned before, scratch that.

I'm not trying to get someone kicked out of "their own" apartment so I can have it to myself. I'm trying to get a drug using cunt out of MY apartment so i don't have to put up with her bullshit anymore.

Originally Posted by paul_r View Post
if she had diabites then she'd have a blood glucose tester and test strips,

personally i'd move, it's not worth the hassle.
Exactly. It has been mentioned, but there would also be a sharps bin for disposing of needles. A monitor, a blood tester. Insulin somewhere, most likely in the fridge.

I've had friends with diabetes. They've taken their health very seriously.

Also, if you don't have a job or insurance, insulin costs about $150-200 a month.

You don't keep your needles in your fucking drug kit, #1, hands down, bottom line.

Originally Posted by manny21 View Post
well if she is the primary lease holder why dont you just move out?
Why should I have to move? I am on the lease too? It is just as much MY home? Why do I have to leave just because SHE started using hard drugs and decided to be an all around shitty person?

Originally Posted by EastTexas View Post
I think your best bet despite not wanting to, is to just move out.

If you do something to get her evicted or arrested it could be worse on the other end. Do you really want a delusional druggy knowing where you live and having a grudge to settle with you.

Even though she hasn't earned it, or done anything to deserve it, it's better to treat people good anyways. I'd wait until the week after rent to leave so she has a few weeks to find a new person to share the rent with.

I don't care if she's in the wrong. You can be better than that.
Good luck.
i understand all this, and you are probably right. i don't want this person having access to my home at all at this point. It is probably going to take a few weeks to find a place and actually move, in the meantime... ugh. It's just stressful.

Also, if anyone is willing to call her mother and ask her where she keeps her insulin because you think she is going into diabetic shock, let me know!
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