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You let a crazy-person loose in my car? I think I'm missing sunglasses!
(I figured you were talking about her. She was definately a little 'different', sorry to hear she's gone down hill since then.)

I find myself agreeing w/HighMike on both his points.
--Document what is happening. This e-mail helps, but I would suggest a spiral bound note book logging dates & times of what you have directly witnessed (be objective, saying something like, 'she's being a real cunt today' wouldn't be helpful). Hope you never need it, but if you do, its there for you.
--Seriously consider moving out. I know it sucks, but if your lease is reasonable close to the end of your lease (w/in 6months), then start looking now for a new place & line something up. In the meantime buy a secure lock for your bedroom & try to keep the important stuff in there. As hard as it might be, I'd still guess its worth waiting through. Not that you need to tell her anything, but at least then you could then tell her that you & your BF are "getting serious" and are going to look into getting your own place together. Unless she (or I guess her mom) can afford the entire rent each month, she'll have to get her own place, too.

I'm not sure I can help much, but since I'm in the area, I can certainly help you move if you need me to!

Somehow the world's first LollerCat seems completely appropriate here.
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"Hahaha too easy" -- Trent said in the thread about the story about Trent
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