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So today, we actually left the house!! WOOOOOOO

We went into London and had many lolz & giggles.

First off, we went to The National Gallery..

This was taken in the National Gallery toilets.
We're cool and we know it...

And this is my favourite painting of all time

My new sketch book<3333

THEN, we went to Trafalgar Square, which is opposite The National Gallery.
We had many many lulz here.

Umm, uh yeah. I'm soooo glad she's not MY mum..

After that we went to The London Eye, and on the way we passed the street where the Prime Minister lives, and some ginger kid, whom mum yelled at and i quote "HEY LOOK it's Harry Potter's friend, what's his name.. Uh.. Uh.. Ron Weasley". I lol'd and lol'd.
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