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Originally Posted by ryanknapper View Post
Your options seem to be as follows:
  1. Physically remove her and set her stuff on fire.
  2. Have the cops invenstigate her drug use, have her imprisoned and set her stuff on fire.
  3. Make the landlord understand that they can't have a junkie living there, then set her stuff on fire.
  4. Find a better place to live (like Portland where you could be my second friend) after setting her stuff on fire.
  5. Sleep on Keith and Chemda's couch until they set your stuff on fire.
You have to chose from this list.
i'm actually planning to move to Portland in less than a year.. so option 4?
(this apartment was supposed to be my last in MI, now i have to find a new place, break that lease when we move, blahhh )
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