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Originally Posted by Bebe View Post
I'm at Heathrow Airport dummy
Who are you flying with
Probability of being killed in an airplane accident vs. other causes of death

Your chances of being involved in an aircraft accident are about 1 in 11 million. On the other hand, your chances of being killed in an automobile accident are 1 in 5000. Statistically, you are at far greater risk driving to the airport than getting on an airplane. However, the perception is that you have more control over your fate when you are in your car than as a passenger traveling on an airplane. Experience shows otherwise, considering that over 50,000 people are killed on the highways every year.
An article in Time magazine (12/4/06) reminds us that "more than 500 times as many people die on U.S. roads as in airline accidents." The article "Why We Worry About the Things We Shouldn't" further goes on to give some startling statistics about the kind of accidents that kill Americans. The data is from 2003, the most recent year for which data is available. According to the article, if you're a bike rider, a dog lover, or a bath taker then you're at far greater risk of being killed in an accident than you are from riding in a commercial aircraft. Don't forget the other kinds of accidents that killed more people than aircraft crashes--stinging from bees/wasps, slipping on ice or snow, choking on food, or falling down stairs or off ladders. It's a dangerous world we live in! And please don't forget the 600 Americans who are killed every year from falling out of bed.

your safe

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