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Originally Posted by andsoitgoes View Post

I'll sell it to you for a wicked price, don't go pay anything more than that for it. I got it with my Elite and I've been trying to offload it, it's not my kind of game.

PM me, I can make it worth your while. It's in the Marvel UA double pack I got, but I've got an extra DVD case and we can negotiate the manual (again, all doubled.)

But if you go and buy it new, I'll hunt you down and smack you
Sorry i was confused. I meant Burnout Paradise.

Originally Posted by naes View Post
I got bioshock a few days after it came out. I have a PC I play it on. That game sucked me in. If I was not at work, I played. I had it beat in just 4 days. They came out with an update that adds some plasmids and the like, Im afraid to fire it up, I dont want to loose a week with my family again.
I like it but I am used to playing FPSes on a pc. I am having a hard time getting used to the controller.
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