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OK my quick sum ups of the meetup...

First I know you all have forgiven me but I want to apologize again for the late change of venue. It ended up working out just fine but the worry and stress of the afternoon could have been avoided if I'd done more research and not trusted the guy that took my reservation.

Second the events of the night...Vudell losing at Connect Four, Meagle playing with the Homies, watching JediMom cringe at the boxing match, snapping a shot of BrotherDarkness and lushrain next to the "BEWARE of Pickpockets and Loose Women" sign, everyone crowded on PalTalk, Bebe spinning the Drink Wheel and someone going "Mind Erasers? Those are disgusting", etc. It was all amazing.

Last, the people...First off everyone was amazing and I can't imagine a more tight knit group than Team Drunk SoCal. We missed Dave, Brit, Mikey, Godfather and others in our team that couldn't make it but we hope to see you all at future events.

Seeing Bebe and Meagle was awesome. They are both even nicer in person than they come across on the forums. Very happy to meet them in person. Rye was a treat. He sorta hung on the opposite end of the table from us most of the night but it was cool to finally meet him.

Darq showed late but he's a cool guy so it wasn't awkward at all. JediMom and Vudell are always hotties and always super sweet. I know they duck from my camera (well vudell does) but they're both so picturesque. The camera loves 'em! Marina is a sweetheart. Cute, funny and super cool. We gotta hang out more. Uncast and I Love Lard are just too good not to connect at some point.

BrotherDarkness is BrotherDarkness. There's a reason we've been friends for over 20 years. Lushrain...well being that we're married, anything I say can only hurt. She's the best thing in my life.

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