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Originally Posted by chocobomoshpit View Post
a lot of the people i've played with have been pretty rude, whereas the two times i got to play it on the PC everyone was really helpful (esp. to a TF2 noob like me). i dunno man, i've got the game for a few days, add me to your list and maybe you can show me the ropes.
I was a TF noob, too - I didn't do too bad, especially as a Heavy or a Medic. I found if you find the right group of people, they're really cool - Yeah, they can get a bit crazy at times, but I think it's easier on the 360 - I still am getting used to the voice chat thing, but I think the focus that MORE people need to have, and they don't yet - which is a shame, is that it's not as hardcore as something like CoD or Gears - it's fun, it's fluff - it's FUN as hell.

I'll add you, and introduce you to some guys who may be a bit hardcore, but are damn decent players. I think if you keep trying, you'll fall in love

It's funny - Even though I asked Mikey about playing CoD - It's like TF is CALLING me back. It's painful I'm way too addicted.
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