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Do these forums need moderators?

So the topic of threads being deleted... why certain threads were chosen over others... were there individuals that should have been contained by forums moderators... etc have been a hot topic of discussion around here lately. And it all seems to come back to there needing to be some control around here.

So the question is... Do you think we need more active moderators for these forums?

Oh, and while I'm at it... I would like to personally request that n00b posters (with say less than 100 posts) are not allowed to start new threads unless they clear the topic with a moderator. That should keep completely useless threads like the one that asshat Mobius Stripper started entitled "Do your parents know you are gay?" posted today from clogging up needed storage space and bandwidth. This isn't the first idiot n00b that has posted pointless garbage or spam and IMHO this is as bad as those that hijack threads and spam other crap that is bring us all down.

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