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Originally Posted by RealEmotionX View Post
on the subject of useless threads, I am guilty of course, but KATG forums are differnt than the rest of the interwebs I have noticed.

topics here that are concidered usless garbage arent seen in the same light on other forums, also in other forums areas like "General discussion" which is just talk shite here, are broken down into catagories like Music, Movies, relationships, porn, etc etc etc.

as for moderators, I think its a decent idea, but for there to be any form of moderation there needs to be some concrete solid clear rules on what is okay and what isnt, beacuse honestly I cant see what threads are concidered garbage and those are concidered funny and interesting sometimes. Though i think my username has become a target for "usless thread" flames. Not that I give a shit, its KATG and things like that are to be expected. Least it isnt 4chan.