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Originally Posted by DJ Trashy View Post
Regarding old threads clogging up the arteries of the database and post counts.....

I'm pretty sure that there is a way to archive or segregate old threads without affecting the current members' post counts. Can someone check the vBulletin forums or tech support for that?

But in general, yeah, any forum with members from all over the world needs moderation. It's a given.
If you read back through the thread Firefighterchick started asking why threads were being deleted, you will find that the threads that got deleted... got deleted. They were not archived.

And the issue is not post count. Many people conceeded that while there was a "post war" at one time, that the post count is not nearly as important as the things that were shared in the threads that were deleted.

Originally Posted by dool View Post
The problem of having a minimum number of posts to start a thread is that it encourages quantity over quality. Those that want to start a pointless thread can spam 100 posts pretty quickly