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Part of this seems to be the random crackdown. Up until this event, there was never any real "moderation" taking place on the forums that I had seen. I tend to disappear when the weather is nice, and then come back when I cant get outside. So perhaps my view on this is a bit off. All of a sudden there was a big crackdown. It seemed to be primarly in responce to highmike, and spooky. To be honest, I just set highmike to ignore, and that seemed to help. As for spooky, there was no need to set him to ignore, but I have a feeling that he pushed for this. As I said, its just speculation, but just a day or two after I had talked to him in the chat, it happened. That would be a shame. He had his own site to mold in his image, and this place had a life of its own. Plus, once a major crack down takes place, it tends to stifle people. Also a shame, cause on or off topic, it was damn funny.