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okay - I'm having a frustrating time with something about this movie. Has nothing to do with the beginning or ending, it's the scene in room 114 after Bell comes back to investigate.

I talked with Spooky about this last night and IIRC, he was under the clear belief that yes, Chighur was behind the door.

However I watched it over, and over, and over again - probably about 5 times now - just to see... Was he really behind the door?

Looking at the scene, it's OBVIOUS he couldn't be behind the door, it opens slap against the wall, there are no signs through that anyone was standing there, and if there were, the door would never have closed. I wish I could share a video, but I don't want to put it up on YouTube... and I also suck at editing video. It's clear when the door opens, that no one is behind it.

They also focus on the window, locked from the inside. He's not gone out that way, he also wouldn't - just as he wouldn't hide under the bed. It's not in his character.

At the same time though, the "figment of Bell's imagination" seems out of place in the entire feel of the film. No where did it cause that kind of suspension of belief. It may have been insane, but there was nothing of OBVIOUS trickery - why would they start there? Eh....

There are a few posts that discuss this a bit, too:

Chigurh - Was he there... really? For Rizzle?

and then debunking the "Oh, he was behind the other door":

I'll take door number 2 - let's see what's behind door number 2? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! STUPID! You're so STU-PIIIIIIIIIIID!

So - that aside, then comes "who got the money"

*I* believe no one got the money, Chigurh doesn't have it when he limps from the accident, and wouldn't at all leave it behind. He tried to find it in the hotel room, through the grate - it wasn't there, couldn't have fit...

I thought that the Mexicans might have gotten the money, but that doesn't strike me as likely, at all. But then what does? I'm confused. People seem to think Bell took the money, but I don't agree there either - He's not that kind of person, his morals are too firm - he feels guilty enough as it is, he's not going to take the money and run.

So where's the money? Someone would have it. Is it the Mexicans? Who who who.
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