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Actually, it isn't Hillary's *job* to take advantage of whatever she can to get elected. It is, in fact, her *job* to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Polititcians take oaths where they swear to do this. Here, in American, when someone puts themselves in the public eye, whether it be running for office, or calling in to a national talk show to support her mother running for President, they are placing themselves in a situation where they must be able to take critisism, satire, or sarcasm and cannot take any legal means against anyone for saying anything. But, to get around this people either use their own power, or find someone else's power to mooch of of and use it to circumvent the legal syste. If you will notice, no one is talking lawsuit. Not in this case, the Imus case or anyother case where someone didn't like what someone eelse is saying about them. Doesn't that seem odd when America is a country where people are lawsuit happy? It is because they have no legal recourse.

Hillary has once again shown that she cannot make a logical, reasonable decision without letting her emotions get in her way. Thus more strongly reinforcing my utter disdain for her as a politician.
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