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LOVED spellbound.

It's the movie that made me thank the gods for having girls.

That robot boy? FUCK ME, what a weirdo.

That was a gorgeous mull... I loved the shot of him brushing his hair in the bathroom. Made me think of the Brady Brunch and Marsha's 400 brushes Okay, so it was "A Very Brady Movie" but close enough.

That BS about Steve's score being kaiboshed when Billy sent his tape was legit, and Walter never said squat about that, the fact that it was accepted with OBVIOUS BS flaws versus Seve's tape was a crock of shit.

And the fact that the creepoids basically invited themselves into the house to check his system out was just, weird. Who knows what they did while they were in there. A female lived in the house, I don't even want to think where they thought he "hid his board"

Oh - and Billy's wife?!? MY GOD. I wouldn't fuck her with Keith's dick!

I still highly recommend American Movie.


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Ok. I finally got around to watching this.

First and foremost, it was a really well-done and interesting documentary.

I think it was pretty obvious that the Billy was a total douche, despite the awesomeity of his mullett. My dad had that same haircut for 15 years.

My biggest complaint with the situation presented in the film was Steve's taped score being rejected, while Billy's was accepted. Even though, as far as I could tell during the film, Billy's taped score was much more questionable that Steve's.

I love documentaries and this is by far one of my favorites. I would also recommend Spellbound, Winged Migration and Paradise Lost, I and II.
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