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Originally Posted by BrianAlt View Post
God, what an asshole!
Originally Posted by deuce View Post
that is the saddest statement i think i ever read....

what the fuck is ITT? or maor?

how is this thread funny (aside from the weird pictures which are more strange than funny)?

it doesnt make any damn sense!!

somebody clue me in to this thread...cause i dont get it at all?

Originally Posted by iheartnihilism View Post
This from the guy who can't make ANYONE laugh.I have no clue what ITT is. maor = more.
I just thought it was hilarious to see memecherry riding a bike with mikey's face on it.
just for the record. i wasnt the asshole first. i had a legit question. this thread had me confused. i was literally perplexed by why someone found it soo funny. i figured i am missing out as i dont know leet speak or whatever.

i asked and LIKE ALWAYS someone has to cut me down.

i mentioned that it was the saddest thing i ever heard not as an insult to nihilism but out of utter confusion as to what the hell is funny as it just looks like pictures...perhaps there was a connection between these pics and the words in the thread title i didnt understand....

i am not the asshole....alls of yous is assholes.. why is it everytime i post something people agree with or find amusing its "wow i cant believe i AGREE with DEUCE" or "wow i cant believe DEUCE made me laugh" when did i become the biggest asshole on the planet?

I am sick of the treatment you fuckers give me when its undeserved.


"deuce is a fucking asshole, and one of the best you'll come across"....stjoe
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