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Originally Posted by deuce View Post
that would hurt much more if you spelled doosh corectly...

fuck you, you fat fuck. KILL YOURSELF NOW!!!

Seriously you, hoshnobobo, your life is only going to continue to get worse and one likes you, not even your parents like your fat worthless ass!!

I saw on that the odds of you becoming the next "kid gone shooting spree" are huge....

i am waiting for my payday, you fat fuck, get to rampaging.
lol you assume to much. but i am not going to try and defend myself since you are to much of a drugged out retard to accept anything contrary to your beliefs, heck you still think Keith likes you, no matter how many times he has said he doesn’t want you in his house. people like you who can only get their jollies by attacking those on the internet who do not deserve or expect it are the lowest of the low. and really, who is more likely to go on a killing spree, the kid who gets together everyday to do stuff with friends? or the 30 something year old who spends his time spewing hate on the internet, while trying to spend time with people who so clearly think he is a joke?
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