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Originally Posted by deuce View Post
just for the record. i wasnt the asshole first. i had a legit question. this thread had me confused. i was literally perplexed by why someone found it soo funny. i figured i am missing out as i dont know leet speak or whatever.

i asked and LIKE ALWAYS someone has to cut me down.

i mentioned that it was the saddest thing i ever heard not as an insult to nihilism but out of utter confusion as to what the hell is funny as it just looks like pictures...perhaps there was a connection between these pics and the words in the thread title i didnt understand....

i am not the asshole....alls of yous is assholes.. why is it everytime i post something people agree with or find amusing its "wow i cant believe i AGREE with DEUCE" or "wow i cant believe DEUCE made me laugh" when did i become the biggest asshole on the planet?

I am sick of the treatment you fuckers give me when its undeserved.

How is " that is the saddest thing i have ever heard “not an insult? you sir ar crazy, i cant believe even you are retarded enough to try and back peddle and say it wasn’t!
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