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Originally Posted by eel-translator View Post
You seemed kind of scrawny so I gave you some muscles. You also looked lonely so I gave you some underage boys.

Better than I ever could have imagined. That may just become my desktop background.

Originally Posted by Brend_duh View Post
OMG EELZ...totes awesome!!!! K, now me make me booful-

have at my myspace pics.. ill let u choose-what eves works out bettah 4 ya
not that you're ANYTHING but hot, but um - I'm scrambling to find ANY picture where you're looking straight at the camera. There's one, SORT of - but c'mon, with being that hot, straight on is... well that sounds dirty, but c'mon - Give us good face!

aaaaand that wasn't any better

*gives up whilst behind*
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