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Idea for robo-centric story

Here's my idea for a post-Singularity story I've been thinking about.

Set about a decade after the Singularity.

Computer instructed to 'ensure survival of human species' (note that it's the term 'species', not the survival of individual humans).

Computer decides that, in order to give the human race the best chance at lasting, it must wipe out an enourmous portion of it (to combat that time's humongous over-population), only to leave a group of 32,768 (2^15) people. This is to design a breeding 'pool', within which, after careful breeding, a sustainable population is reached with in-breeding at a point where it is insignificant.

Note: The discreet details of the computer's plans are not necessary, as I have no intention of the protagonist being one of the 32,768.

So, what you guys think?
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