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I've tried Xanax, Valium and some muscle relaxants, as well as the infrequent dousing of alcohol... and none of them do much in the way of making me go "Wow, that's the bomb" - they just make me feel meh and groggy.

Except alcohol + Caffeine, that helps loads and loads.

I've never, ever, ever had an addiction to anything other than Food or Smoking - and smoking isn't even a problem. I go away on trips, smoke like a chimney and toss the pack when I get home. There's never a question. I had a craving a few weeks ago, bought a pack, had 2 and haven't touched it since. It took away my cravings and I was done.

I was surprised I never got hooked on alcohol, my dad was a serious fall down on couch and piss himself drunk who checked into rehab when I was 5...

Maybe I'm just too lazy to get addicted. SHRUG.
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