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Personally I'd take alcohol over pills any day because with alcohol I can control the dose. I can get a nice little buzz if I want, but if I'm taking pills, I'm such a light weight that I'm completely gone, and I don't enjoy being that out of control. Also, I know what the side effects of alcohol are and I can handle them, some of those pills interfere too much in the rest of your body.

In terms of alcohol and pills from another perspective, I had a mom who was a drunk/drug addict and then a pill popper, and I'd rather her be a drunk and an addict honestly. That way the problem is obvious. Every pill popper I've ever met was bat-shit-insane for no apparent reason. With the pills you can't tell that they're fuck up sometimes, or you can't tell what they problem is because they "need their medicine" and sometimes they either have, or can fake some pretty serious illnesses and you can't just say not to take the pills because there is still a chance they would need them. Although it becomes apparent when they're taking 4 times the prescribed dose...
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