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Originally Posted by the_eD View Post
I heard its the 3rd of May, which is my Wombats gig day!?
Originally Posted by dkgemini View Post
I just realised it's my flatmate's birthday that day (which I'd promised to go to) and he has plans of going to Brighton for a big night out... I'll try and get out of it so I can join the KATG klan after all.
oh jeez, I really don't want to do a re-vote on the day, it'll just end up with other people who can't make the new date ...

I guess this is only two weeks away so we need to decide on a time and venue.

I'm keen on the start mid-afternoon and go till you can't stand up anymore idea - I'm thinking like 3-4pm. I have a few new drinks for y'all to try out - I'll have to re-check what's in them, but who can resist a drink with a name like "Pissed off Japanese minnow farmer"?

And we HAVE to be central. Depending on numbers we may even be able to book a small private room in a pub somewhere. IDEAS please
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