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Originally Posted by WilliamWright View Post
Right I've got tons of essay work so rather than stay over (the offer is still very much appreciated though Jorjo!) I am going to get the 8PM coach home, meaning I can probably stick around at t'pub till 7 or so.
No problem at all Will. You're welcome anytime

Originally Posted by EnglishItalian View Post
Great to hear about other UK based KATG fans. I can't make the meet up, (I have a two year old son who needs me around), but I wanted to make myself know to you all. I also wonder how may other UK based fans are not posting here because they can't make the weekend. Would love to hear from Manchester based fans, I need someone to talk with about all tings KATG! Maybe we could keep a UK based thread going so we can chat about KATG with others who understand our culteral references! (And the Americans might find it interesting to interject/peruse vicariously).
ok ..

1) Are you an Italian living in England? or an Englishman of Italian descent?

2) Have you heard the term "babysitter"?
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