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I don't know how this is possible, but after watching that I Hadar even more. I feel that a man should never strike a woman, but I was down for Chemda to beat that bitch down. After seeing the video I would've been okay if Keith even punched her in her fat fuckin mouth.

I might be an asshole, and sometimes if I might intentionally be an asshole just because. However if I ever get that bad just tell me I'm pulling a Hadar and I'll stop and act like a normal human being. Apparently the mutation we've seen in X-Men are no myth, the first mutant has the power to be so annoying that people kill themselves, congrats Hadar. I'd feel bad talking about someone's wife, but this is Deuce. It's like calling a chick stupid when her husband met her on the short bus in school.

Seriously though, what do we as listeners have to donate or buy just to avoid the once a year Deuce thing? I seriously think I could get other listeners to rally (since they were ready to donate money for Chemda to punch Hadar in the chat). I was thinking I'd say $20 from me personally, but I'll go $40. I coudl easily get $200 to not have Deuce ever again on the show. If Deuce can pay more to be on the show when he's in the US then fine by me. I'd just really like to start an effort to keep him as far away from KATG as possible. Keith, Chemda, Deuce, even listeners let me know. Are you with me?
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