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Originally Posted by jesikat View Post

else? i just really hate casinos, there seem to be some under 21-ers coming, and it seems like we can do way better.

i vote for the Magic Stick/Garden bowl - a cool place in Detroit to hang out, grab beers, listen to music, get some pizza/food, plus there is the option to go bowling! and the youngin's should be able to get in there.

also my friend was telling me about a bar with 5 cent beers all night on the 10th in celebration of the repeal of Prohibition - but that's a little farther out on the east side.

i think we should still meet up at greektown as previously agreed and planned on, but it shouldn't mean that we have to stay there all night.
Don't forget that it's also the Downtown Ho'Down at Heart Plaza, so the surrounding bars might be packed with drunk country fans.
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