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Originally Posted by i_like_cheese_2001 View Post
I honestly don't know if this was sarcastic or not, but I don't think you have the mental capacity to think of doing that, so I'm going to approach it as if you were being serious:

Hey dipshit, the thread had already been dead for 5 1/2 hours and was off the first page until YOU bumped it!

And, preempting the inevitable "You bumped it too, dickwad!" post, I like the thread, and hope it lives on, because I totes made some good points.
Sarcasm is my middle name . You already analyzed my mental abilities after just 295 post and 2 months that I have been in the forums?. You are very good sir it would have taken a psychologist a whole year before he is able to make the decision of my mental abilities. You made some good points big f'ing woof. Is this the first time you "made some good points" on a thread?
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