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I finally made it home and didn't even get lost. Thanks Jeff for the atlas. It got me home 45 min quicker than Google did.

I still can't believe I fit all that shit in my car. By the time I got settled in it was time to start cooking.

If you listen close you can hear them scream.

Dinner is served.

After almost falling in the fire a few times, I stumbled to bed. I wanted to sleep in but people were hungry and I had the only stove.

Breakfast of champions. Pancakes, bacon, and crawfish eggs. (Thats regular eggs with the leftover crawfish tails, not the eggs from crawfish.)

Team Hikers
(Jmac, Mrs. Shadow, Me, EastTexas)
We stood like this for a solid 2 min looking like ass holes cause it took a few tries to get the timer to work.

The view from the overlook.

My directions home got wet.
Jeff hooked me up with an atlas which turned out better anyway. Thanks again Jeff.

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