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Originally Posted by Uncast View Post
One strange thing though is how it doesn't seem to translate into real life. I mean TDSC hung out this weekend. There was no drama. We had a fucking blast. Apparently that kind of fun can't translate online for some reason.

Another observation I have kinda goes the other way. If you bitch and complain about people bitching and complaining, I just find that hilarious. Instantly Hypocritical comments are great for entertainment.

When you get deep into a community like this and you've met people and hung out and gained real life friends, it's tough sometimes not to take some things personal. When you have a community this large there's always going to be various threads of drama going on. Hell there's a few going on right now that are spanning a number of threads. Some of it is sad and pathetic, some of it is a bit quiet and no one's saying anything directly. Just beating around the bush and playing games. Some of it is direct and brutal. You read what you want, react to what you want and throw away the rest. If you aren't having fun it's probably your own fault and you should probably either re-evaluate how you're viewing things or just leave for a while...or altogether.
if I would of been there there would of been me on this one. Last TDSC meet up half the peeps where fuckin mutes. Sat at the table not sayin a thing to the other half.

also bud you were one of the first ones to bitch about this thread sooo did you find yourself hilarious?
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